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About us

`My fashion is homage to the beauty of a curvy woman.
A display of sensuality and individuality.`

(Doris Megger)

The German fashion creator Doris Megger has been designing designer-fashion for curvy women since 2007. Her label philosophy is “styling instead of concealing”.

With several years of collective experience in the market and international presence, we‘ve shifted our focus to a new target group:

A self-confident curvy woman, who loves luxury, manages her own style, and strives for perfection and theperfect fit. Style with an individual touch, design that offers a great deal of recognitional value, which places the wearer in the center of attention, that’s the credo of Doris Megger.

We use only the finest materials, like cashmere, stretch silk and high-end jersey; quality products exclusively processed in Germany and Italy, in accordance to the standards of our house. Doris Megger focuses on the magic of curves – they let the couture shine and have so much charisma on their own. Which only can be found in a curvy woman and impossible to find in a size 0.

The look is straightforward with unique details. Timeless, basic elements are also an aspect of the Trend Collections, just like the eye-catchers of the season. That’s how an innovative “Total Look” is created, without compromises, eloquent, elegant and most of all fashionable!